Anxiety and Depression

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Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression services offered in Bluffton area, Daufuskie Island, SC

Millions of Americans suffer from mood disorders like anxiety and depression. At B Med Mobile Service, a mobile medical office in Daufuskie Island, South Carolina, concierge medicine doctor Yolanda Bryant, MD, diagnoses and treats anxiety and depression in people 12 and older. If you regularly feel sad or stressed, Dr. Bryant can determine the cause and make treatment recommendations. Call the mobile office today to schedule an anxiety and depression consultation, or book your appointment online.

Anxiety and Depression Q&A

What are anxiety and depression?

Anxiety and depression are mental disorders affecting your mood, behavior, and general outlook. Though often mentioned together, anxiety and depression aren’t the same things.



Anxiety is your body’s response to stress and/or fear. When you’re anxious, your palms sweat, your heart races, and your stomach churns. Everyone occasionally feels anxious, but if it becomes a regular occurrence, it can affect your health and quality of life.



Depression causes a low mood that lasts for three months or longer. Everyone experiences periods of sadness, but if your feelings sap your energy or cause you to lose interest in activities you used to love, seek treatment right away.

When should I see someone about anxiety and depression?

Request an anxiety or depression consultation with B Med Mobile Service if you experience feelings of fear and/or sadness that affect your ability to work, go to school, or participate in other daily activities. That’s especially true if you’ve started avoiding friends, family members, or your favorite pursuits.

How are anxiety and depression diagnosed?

To diagnose anxiety or depression, Dr. Bryant reviews your medical records and asks questions about your mood, appetite, sleep patterns, and activity level.

Next, she has you fill out a psychological questionnaire and completes a physical exam. Since underlying health problems, like vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalances, can cause depression and anxiety, Dr. Bryant also orders lab tests, including bloodwork and urinalysis.

It takes a day or two for Dr. Bryant to receive the results of your lab tests. After getting that information, she makes custom treatment recommendations.

How are anxiety and depression treated?

How anxiety and depression are treated will depend on how severe your symptoms are and their effect on your quality of life. Dr. Bryant first recommends healthy lifestyle changes like getting plenty of sleep, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and managing stress.

If your symptoms continue or get worse, you could benefit from medication like:

  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-anxiety drugs
  • Sedatives
  • Beta-blockers

You might also be a candidate for talk therapy or counseling. If necessary, Dr. Bryant can refer you to a specialist in the area.

Call B Med Mobile Service today to receive treatment for anxiety and depression, or click the online booking feature to schedule your appointment.

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